Beyonce’s Street! #Veganism


I’m sure we’ve all been caught watching Beyoncé perform, whether its live or via video or just perusing some photos wondering how she stays in shape. I am not afraid to admit, I’ve tried to keep up with the choreography in her hit Single Ladies gasping for air before we even get halfway through the video!

Beyoncé is heading for Coachella but no one expected Beyoncé to post on Instagram urging her fans to follow along as she goes Vegan in preparation for it. We all know Beyoncé’s bod is impeccable after birthing Blue Ivy Cater and her two natural twins Rumi and Sir Carter. Its great to know her snapback secret is a Vegan diet.

According to, “A whole food vegan diet has repeatedly been linked to better heart health, prevention of diabetes, and cancer, and more. Plus, considering the immense toll the animal agriculture industry is taking on our planet, including rampant air and water pollution, land degradation, deforestation, and pushing countless species to the brink of extinction, we are thrilled to see celebrities using their platform for good!”

And that is exactly why this post gives me nothing but life!

For someone like Beyoncé, who has so much pull when it comes to sales, her voice is much more than a start; it’s a finish line! Veganism is skying more than ever right now; I must ask, will you get on board with Beyoncé and her 22 day Coachella Vegan Challenge?

I know I will.

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