Dan Valdes


As a senior at New England College, I’ve had many wonderful experiences. While studying communications, I’ve learned and progressed. I studied up on programming, podcasting, and radio throughout my college career and I look forward to what I’ll be doing with those talents once I graduate. As I was learning more about my skills, I was also learning more about myself as a person. I’ve been down many roads and many paths to get where I am today. I’ve had my ups and downs here, but one word I can sum up to wrap up my school career is: determination.

When I left New England College after an unsuccessful lackluster freshman year, I left with my head down because I failed not because of the experience, but because I didn’t push myself harder. I wasn’t exactly in the right mindset for being away for four years far away from home not knowing anybody. It was just not the right time for me to go to college so I decided to take a break and come back with a better attitude. Fast forward a year later, I came back with a new and improved attitude. Looking back at sophomore through senior year, I feel as though I accomplished more than I set out to do.

I followed that one word that kept me hungry and passionate: determination. That word stuck with me till this day because I had faith that I was going to do something good with my studies and do something with myself. It was determination that kept me on the right path. I leave New England College with my head up high, the right attitude and great determination.

I’m proud of my accomplishments and what I’ve achieved here. I took every opportunity that presented itself. My accomplishments speak for themselves in getting great grades, hosting my own radio show, being a part of many different committees, becoming a staff member for The NewEnglander newspaper, and participating in student events on campus.

I’d like to thank all the friends I made at NEC. Shout out to all of you. I succeeded in many different ways thanks to your support. With that said, I leave New England College as a proud young, hungry determined man. I say to all the newcomers: follow your dreams, be dedicated, opportunistic, make many friendships, and most of all believe because you will go farther in life. My time is up, your time is now.

Thank you, New England College, for giving me a chance. It’s been a blast!

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