A Quick Guide to Back to Campus


Don’t want to read through all the emails and updates on what this fall is going to look like? Here’s a shortened breakdown on what you can expect for the Fall 2020 semester.

Upon arrival to campus, faculty, staff and students are all required to be tested. The testing expenses will be covered by NEC. In order to maintain learning and living face-to-face, students must present a negative result. A positive result will require students to quarantine either at their home (if they live within three hours of campus) or in a separate quarantine facility on campus. Those who do test positive will transition to complete remote learning until they test negative for COVID.

All members of NEC are required to wear some form a face mask while in public spaces. Each student will be provided with one face mask courtesy of New England College, but it is recommended that every person has at least four backups.

The Fall semester will be August 24 through November 22. The first two weeks of classes will be entirely online to ensure that students have tested negative. The campus’ usual ‘fall break’ will not happen this semester, to lessen the chances of exposure while traveling.

Campus buildings have been marked with directional signs to keep traffic flowing in a safe, socially distanced manor. Seating arrangements in each classroom will be made to hold up to ten students spaced out to follow distancing guidelines. Plastic shields will separate faculty from students and everyone in the classroom will be required to wear their face mask while class is in session.

After a two-week “grab and go” period, dining facilities will transition to a distanced seating arrangement. Masks must be worn to enter and exit the facilities.

All students should not gather in group of 10 or more and will be cited if found in a group larger than this (including off campus gatherings). In extreme cases, or if repeatedly found violating this rule, on-campus students will be asked to remove themselves from campus entirely and without reimbursement.

*All information above can be found in more detail at https://www.nec.edu/wp-content/uploads/Fall-2020-Campus-Plans_Update_7-31-20.pdf.

Written 8/6/2020. Updated 8/6/2020.


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