The Future of CoCo’s Crosswalk


Since the removal of the crosswalk outside of College Convenience, many students have been wondering about its replacement. Since the crosswalk was paved over, it was reasonable to believe that the crosswalk would be repainted; and yet, ever since then, the crosswalk has not returned. 

After contacting both Henniker Police Department and the Highway Department for the town of Henniker, they both confirmed the status of the crosswalk. Unfortunately, the road that was paved over is owned and regulated, not locally, but by the state of New Hampshire. Ultimately, the state is the one that gets to make the final decision about all affairs for the road, including the crosswalk. According to the Highway Department for Henniker, the state of New Hampshire has ruled that unless parking spaces are removed on that road that a crosswalk cannot return to the spot it was previously located at. With no current plans in place to remove parking spaces on the road, it regretfully follows that there is no active progress towards another crosswalk outside of College Convenience. 

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