Delight-ful Challenge at NEC


Chartwell’s Delight-ful Challenge was held Feb. 17, at New England College in Henniker, N.H.. It was a day to spread random acts of kindness around campus through food.

Gilmore Dining Hall had different food events going on all day, from decorating your own cupcakes and sand jars, to hosting giveaways, and to having mocktails with lunch and dinner.

Starbucks in the Lyons Center was also spreading acts of kindness on campus through giveaways as well.

“The girl working at Starbucks paid for my drink as a random act of kindness,” said Elise Luderer

With decorations everywhere, food, and giveaways, it was a perfect opportunity to spread random acts of kindness.

Photo taken by: Katelyn Arp


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