WNEC Rebranding Party


On March 1, New England College’s own radio station, WNEC, hosted their rebranding party on the third floor of Simon in their broadcast booth. Welcomed by snacks, raffles and a vast array of music, students and faculty chatted, celebrating the new direction for the station.

“I’ve been here for 3 years and I’m hoping to leave something great for future students.” said Adam Richards, the Station Manager for WNEC, “It (WNEC) has the backbone to be something great,” he added.

On the air sign placed above studio door.

Richards’ emphasis lies within the concept of expansion and student engagement, saying “It’s possible and feasible to expand into remote broadcasting, pre-recorded audio such as podcasts and radio dramas.” He adds, “the goal is to make it a cool community hub”.

WNEC’s new image continues with the addition of Darryl Perry, a communications student and intern from NEC’s Manchester campus. His main goal being promotion. “We’re looking to freshen up the PSA’s, promote campus events, spotlight students and sporting events.” he adds, “If we have this station then why not broadcast it out there.”

With 10 years of radio and podcast experience, Perry is looking to bring a seasoned perspective to the table.

Station Manager Adam Richards, DJing for the night.

To those interested in joining the station, contact Adam Richards via email (arichards_ug@nec.edu) or find him in the radio station on the third floor of Simon.

Radio playing in the hallway.
Food and drinks displayed in the corner.
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