NEC’s Ski Team Travels to Maine for Senior Weekend


Feb. 13th, the Pilgrims’ ski team for New England College had their last regular season runs at Titcomb Mountain in Farmington, Maine.

Two men on the ski team who stood out during the race were Senior Giovanni Fassina and Colin Shaw. Fassina, who had a time of 1:13.04, took second place. Shaw, who had a time of 1:36.03, was able to place 27th. A woman on the ski team who stood out was Serena Avery. She had a time of 2:27.94 and placed 33rd.

“It was a solid weekend for us as a team,” said Shaw. “Our younger players showed us what they can do as their careers continue, and our seniors all had solid runs to end their careers.” Shaw said. 

Fassina  finished out his career skiing for the Pilgrims on Feb. 20th at Sugarloaf. He took 16th in the race.

Pilgrims’ Alpine Skiing is done for this season, but they will definitely pick it up next winter.

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