Dem. Candidate Marianne Williamson criticizes Biden for ignoring NH, current issues


By: Michael Barnard and Alissia Corona

Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson attended a town hall at New England College Wednesday, addressing her frustrations with the issues facing the United States and corporate involvement in politics.

When comparing the United States to other countries, Williamson said the U.S. is falling behind.

“Americas children are at risk at levels that are not seen in other developed countries.” She wants to cancel college loan debt, have free childcare and paid family leave, and a guaranteed living wage.

“This is a moderate position in other developed countries,” she said.

Williams criticized defense spending and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She wants to cut the Department of Defense spending by 20% and wants to create a Department of Peace.

Williamson said if elected she will begin to ramp down fossil fuel extraction, saying big oil companies know that time is running out.

“I will declare an emergency and I will begin a World War Two level mass mobilization for a just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy.  You will see massive investments in green, you will see the stopping the investments in dirty, and you will see millions of jobs by the way created because of it,” she said.

On immigration, Williamson said the majority of people are coming across the border to escape the drug cartels.

“The congress, which for the last few decades failed miserably at this, need to create a system on the border to make legal immigration possible and orderly and positive, not only for the people who are coming but for us,” she said.

Williamson criticized President Joe Biden for not campaigning in New Hampshire and for ignoring current issues during this campaign cycle.

“There is nothing in the President’s conversation today that acknowledges the level of hopelessness, cynicism, and nihilism that is taking seed in this country, and it is dangerous,” Williamson said.

When asked by a student about international relationships that suffered while Donald Trump was in office, Williamson later gave Biden credit for mending communication.

At several times during the event, Williamson spoke about her ability to reach a younger generation through apps like Tik Tok, but criticized traditional corporate media for not giving her campaign equal attention.

“I am a serious candidate,” she said.

“This is the issue, looking to the system to disrupt itself is naïve and absurd at this point. I am running for President because it’s time for the people to step in.”

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