The Scoop on SuperScoops!


I watched as construction began. Every day the store front changing. New floors, new doors, and a new vibrant teal and purple color to grasp the attention of passersby. A new business is coming to town, an addition to Henniker that will prove to be a good one in the near future. 

Jennifer Lopez de Finet and Joshua Finet, a family duo and owners of SuperScoops, plan to open a hybrid store located right on Main Street for the 2020 year. It will be a retail and wholesale ice cream parlor. SuperScoops does not only have ice cream to offer, but also Italian ices and other frozen treats many wish for. The initial hours of operation may vary depending on manufacturing hours; however, once open and running the owners will then decide the best hours to cater to the town.

The Finet’s are not new to the ice cream business, having been owners of a restaurant before they promised to open a new business when their children were old enough to participate. With their children grown up and their new residency in Henniker, that time for the Finet’s is now. Their company mission was very straightforward: To produce a quality locally-sourced product and provide good local jobs while being engaged within their community.

Something I think we all agree that Henniker needs.

When asked if this will be a year-round business the answer was a definite “Yes.” During the colder months they will diversify their options by having specialty coffees, teas, and smoothies. However, a fun fact shared to me was that New England sells more ice cream in the cold months than the south in the warm months, which means that the Finet’s will have much to do.

SuperScoops is a family-owned business that have strong leadership. The Finets’ personal definition of “success” is to do what you enjoy doing while being able to pay your living expenses and raise your family, providing enough, but just enough so they always want to work for more. With this mindset it seems like the Henniker and campus community will have a new place to enjoy their favorite frozen pleasures and connect with others in a friendly atmosphere.

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