November One Ship Award

    Courtesy of Bryan Partridge
    Today is the day I got to pass on the One Ship Award to Kelly Holmes!  It certainly wasn’t a hard decision to see Kelly as the next recipient.  Kelly has only recently started at NEC, but in that brief time, she has left her mark by being such an incredible resource for the Arts and Humanities division.

    She has an incredibly welcoming demeanor and everyone in Spaulding know that if we need a question answered, Kelly either has the information or will have it in under five minutes. Today, Kelly was stationed in the Great Room helping all the first year students get to their advisors to sign up for classes. It’s that kind of dedication and willingness to help that makes her such a perfect fit at NEC.

    Kelly, thanks for joining the NEC family and I look forward to many more years of working with you.
    As always, together we are #ONESHIP.


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